Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

2017 Performance Update and Online Conference

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Five Years of COSIA

Join us in recognizing five years of industry working together.

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Conference Agenda

COSIA’s 2017 Performance Update and Online Conference is open to the public and media. The agenda features live and on-demand presentations covering a variety of topics related to oil sands science and environmental innovation.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Live Events – Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Opening message – Dan Wicklum (COSIA)
COSIA 2017 Performance Update and Online Conference Opens
Webcast News Conference including COSIA 2017 Performance Update
>>Presentations from COSIA leadership
>>Media Q&A with Dan Wicklum (COSIA), Meera Nathwani-Crowe (Canadian Natural), Craig Stenhouse (Cenovus), Stephen Kaufman (Suncor)
Land EPA Director Presentation and chat with Jenna Dunlop (COSIA)

Presentations and Chat Rooms
>>Josh Martin and Christine Daly (Suncor), Nikanotee Fen – 5 Years Later
>>Scott Grindal (ConocoPhillips Canada), Caribou Recovery Pilot Project
>>Marty Yarmuch (Syncrude), South Bison Hill: Advanced Reclamation Technology
>>Michael Cody (Cenovus), Organic Composting: Rethinking Organic Waste at Oil Sands

Water EPA Director Presentation and chat with John Brogly (COSIA)

Presentations and Chat Rooms
>>William Shotyk (University of Alberta), SWAMP Lab
>>Rodney Guest (Suncor), Demonstration Pit Lake Mesocosm Research Facility

GHG EPA Director Presentation and chat with Matt McCulloch (COSIA)

Presentations and Chat Rooms
>>Marcius Extavour, NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE: Heading to the Finals at the ACCTC
>>Anamika Mukherjee (Cenovus) and Simon Davies (Canadian Natural), Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells

Tailings EPA Director Presentation and chat with John Brogly (COSIA)

Presentations and Chat Rooms
>>Base Mine Lakes Presentation and chat with Carla Wytrykush (Syncrude)

Live event closes. Please visit again – COSIA’s online conference site remains available until May 2018.

Download Agenda


COSIA improving environmental performance

Featured Presentations

All presentations available on-demand

Acoustic Recording Unit
Erin Bayne (University of Alberta)

Beam Centrifuge: A Geotechnical Time Machine
Rick Chalaturnyk (University of Alberta)

Institute for Oil Sands Innovation: Unprecedented National and International Collaboration in Tailings Reclamation Research
David Rennard (Imperial)

Base Mine Lake: Water Quality Status
Carla Wytrykush (Syncrude)

Organic Composting: Rethinking Organic Waste at Oil Sands Camps
Michael Cody (Cenovus)

Vegetation Cooperative: Banking Today’s Seeds Will Save Tomorrow’s Reclaimed Land
Rob Vassov (Canadian Natural)

Regional Industry Caribou Collaboration
Amit Saxena (Devon)

Non-segregated Tailings: Increasing Fines Capture
Theo Paradis (Canadian Natural)

Non-segregated Tailings: Effects of NST on Growth of Oil Sands Reclamation Plants
Ira Sherr (Canadian Natural)

Demonstration Pit Lakes – Mesocosms
Stephen Tuttle (Canadian Natural)

Demonstration Pit Lakes
Rodney Guest (Suncor)

South Bison Hill: Advanced Reclamation Technology
Marty Yarmuch (Syncrude)

Bill Shotyk (University of Alberta)

Caribou Recovery Pilot Project
Scott Grindal (ConocoPhillips)

Nikanotee Fen – 5 Years Later
Josh Martin (Suncor)



2017 Project Portfolio Update

COSIA’s mandate is based on performance and each year we provide an update on the latest developments in our project portfolio. Our focus is on developing performance initiatives that are rooted in progress in four key Environmental Priority Areas (EPAs):

Water EPA


Looking for innovative and sustainable solutions to reduce water use and increase water recycling rates at oil sands mining and in situ operations without causing negative environmental impacts in other areas.

Land EPA


Focused on reducing the footprint and impact of oil sands mining and in situ (in place) operations on the land and wildlife of northern Alberta.

Tailings EPA


Focused on improving the management of oil sands tailings. Tailings are the sand, silt, clay and water found naturally in oil sands that remain following the mining and bitumen extraction process.



Investigating ways to reduce energy use and associated GHG emissions through the development of innovative technologies for oil sands in situ and mining operations.

Engage with Industry Experts

Amit Saxena
Amit Saxena
Supervisor – Biodiversity & Land Stewardship, Devon Canada


Anamika Mukherjee
Anamika Mukherjee
Technology Collaboration Specialist, Cenovus Energy


Carla Wytrykush
Carla Wytrykush
Ecologist, Syncrude


Christine Daly
Christine Daly
Senior Advisor, Reclamation Technology Development, Suncor


Craig Steinhouse
Craig Stenhouse
Manager, Technology Development, Cenovus


Dan Wicklum
Dan Wicklum, Ph.D
Chief Executive, COSIA


Dave Rennard
David Rennard
Research Technology Lead, Imperial


Dr Erin Bayne
Dr. Erin Bayne
Director, Bioacoustics Unit, University of Alberta


Ira Sherr
Ira Sherr
Reclamation Vegetation Specialist, Canadian Natural


Josh Martin
Josh Martin
Senior Advisor, Technology (Aquatic Closure), Suncor


Jenna Dunlop
Jenna Dunlop, Ph.D
Director, Land EPA, COSIA


John Brogly
John Brogly
Director, Water and Tailings EPAs, COSIA


Joy Romero
Vice President, Technology & Innovation, Canadian Natural


Marcius Extavour
Marcius Extavour, Ph.D
Senior Director, Energy & Resources, XPRIZE Foundation


Marty Yarmuch
Marty Yarmuch
Soil Scientist, Syncrude


Matt McCulloch
Matt McCulloch
Director, GHGs, COSIA


Michael Cody
Michael Cody
Land and Biodiversity Specialist, Cenovus Energy


Rick Chalaturnyk
Rick Chalaturnyk
Energi Simulation Chair in Reservoir Geomechanics, University of Alberta


Rob Vassov
Rob Vassov
Environment – Reclamation, Canadian Natural


Rodney Guest
Rodney Guest
Manager Strategic Closure Technology Development, Suncor


Scott Grindal
Scott Grindal
Senior Coordinator, Biodiversity and Water, ConocoPhillips Canada


simon davies
Simon Davies
Manager, Thermal Development, Canadian Natural


Stephen Kaufmann
Stephen Kaufman
General Manager Corporate Technology, Suncor


Stephen Tuttle
Stephen Tuttle
Lead – Environment, Reclamation & Planning, Canadian Natural


Theo Paradis
Theo Paradis
Manager, Process Engineering, Canadian Natural


Dr. William Shotyk
William Shotyk, Ph.D
Bocock Chair for Agriculture and the Environment, University of Alberta


2017 Performance Update and Online Conference

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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